At the beginning of this year during a New Year’s Eve Church service God spoke to me and said, “Orrick this year will be the year of Miracles for you, your family, and your Ministry.” I said “Lord whatever you have for me I receive it right now and I believe that there is nothing you cannot do!”  Then God said “I want you to Dream Big and Believe Big” because I am going to do amazing things in your life on this year! Since that conversation, I began to ask God to “enlarge my territory” by giving me the opportunity to preach the Word of God on a local radio station.
                          On February 3, 2015, I was studying in the Word of God and God spoke to me and said “call TCT Television Network.” My reply was “call them and say what, I don’t know what to say?” God spoke to me and said “call and ask them about being on the show called Ask the Pastor.” So I called TCT and spoke with the station manager. Then God said “tell him about your testimony.” I told the manager how the doctor tried to get my mother to have an abortion with me because she was diagnosed with Lupus. The doctor said “I would not survive the delivery and my mother would not survive the delivery as well. If I survived I would have developmental issues and would not be able to learn like normal children”, but thank God my mother had faith in Jesus!  She was determined to have me by faith and by faith I am here today.
                          Next, when I was five years old I got hit by a car, flew 45 feet in the air, came down and hit the pavement and was dead on the spot. My father and my family rushed to my aid and saw blood coming out of my nose, ears and mouth.  My foot was near my head because of my broken pelvis. My father started praying and crying saying “please Lord don’t take my baby.”  He said that the Lord spoke to him and said “if you stay close to him I will not let him die.” After losing me twice I finally arrived at the hospital. The doctor then stated, “He has tremendous brain damage and we do not know when he is going to wake up or if he will wake up because he is in a coma. If he wakes up he is not going to remember anyone.” But oh my God, when the saints of God filled up that hospital room and started praying for me I woke up and recognized everyone in the room! As a result of the accident, I had to learn how to walk all over again but by the grace of God I am still here!
                          During the time when I was 11 years old, we were just leaving a church service that we had at a member’s home that evening. I was sitting on the back seat in the middle of two people while my sister was driving the car. My sister did not see the stop sign ahead and ran thru it. Another car T-boned our car making us flip 3-4 times. We landed in someone’s front yard with all 4 tires facing up towards the sky. My mother and the church member were so close to the accident that they ran on foot to get there. They saw everyone crawling out of the car except for me. They looked for me inside of the car and I was nowhere to be found. Through the cries and screams my mother started praying, “Lord where is my baby?” God then showed her a piece of my clothing that was hanging out from under the car. Yes, the car was on top of me. I flew out the back windshield and the car flipped on top of me. When my mother saw that car on top of me something inside of her rose up and said “not my baby.” At that moment, my mother did not call for help she just called on the name of Jesus, grabbed the car with her bare hands and lifted the car off of me. She then flipped me on my back and slapped me on my forehead and shouted “LIVE” and I have been living ever since! Glory Hallelujah God brought me back to life once again!
                           I woke up in the hospital blind because of the swelling on my head from the car but God restored my eyesight. I was in the hospital for 8 weeks and in a body cast for 13 weeks. I had to learn how to walk all over again but by the GRACE of God I am still here. Therefore, I told the station manager my testimony and he was totally blown away. He said, “I want you to be on the show “Ask the Pastor” but I also want you to be on my show called “Rejoice” on February 16, 2015 where we can interview you about your testimony on National Television.” I told him “sure I would love to.” When I got to the station they took me to the Green room to get me prepared for the show. One of the people that worked at the station asked me “Pastor, is this how we should spell your church name?” And I said “yes sir that is correct.” Then the station manager immediately walked in and said “Oh, don’t worry about it it’s not like someone is going to call him from CALIFORNIA and fly him in there.” He chuckled and walked out of the room. In my mind I said” you have no idea what my Heavenly Father can do on my behalf.” So I did the interview on National Television and it was awesome!
                           On my way home I noticed that I received an email but I did not open it until I got home. When I got home I opened up the email on my phone and this is what it said “Hello, I am Darice Rollins, I am a Movie Producer and I need to speak with you today.” I immediately called the number back and she says “Pastor your testimony really blessed me. We have been working on a project and I have been praying to God to send me the right person for this position. When I was watching your interview I asked God who do you want me to get in contact with? And God pointed at you Pastor Quick. We would like to know if you would be willing to audition for this part. But we need for you to get back with us very soon because I know that you have to pray about it.” I said, “Ma’am I have already been praying and God already told me that he was going to do amazing things for me on this year. So you can sign me up.” She said, “Well okay I will have another Producer to call you and set up your Skype interview.” Then I said “may I ask you where you’re calling from?” CALIFORNIA!
                           Over the course of 6 months I completed 2 Skype interviews and made it thru both cuts. Then on a Friday afternoon in late July just getting off of work, I received a phone call from Judge Mathis daughter, Camara Mathis stating that they wanted to fly me out to CALIFORNIA (all expenses paid). So of course I accepted the invitation! On September 1, 2015, God also blessed me to be able to meet and have a conversation with some of my favorite Gospel singers: Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Tina Campbell from MaryMary. September 2, 2015 was the final cut day. The Producers brought in 10 different Pastors from all over the United States such as: Dr. Jamal Bryant, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, and Associate Pastor John Gray as well as other Pastors that I did not recognize. The Producers then broke us up into groups of 4 to see who works the best together. Once the final selection was made they chose: Dr. Jamal Bryant, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Associate Pastor John Gray and myself (Pastor Orrick Quick) for this new daily talk show! This is the same Production team that works with the following talk shows: “The Real” and “The View.” Get ready and stay tuned because, there is a new talk show coming soon with a panel of Pastors to give our Biblical perspectives on what’s going on in the world today.
                           I wanted to share my testimony and my recent experience because God wants us to know that he is still performing miracles in the lives of his people. Then God reminded me of what I was praying for and said “Orrick you were praying to just get on the radio station but I’m going to put you on National Television. It is your job to pray Orrick but it is my job to go above and beyond what you have prayed for.” Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that you may ask or think according to the power that worketh in you.” I pray that my testimony has encouraged you to know that God sees your hard work and labor for his Kingdom and everything you have been thru will not go unrewarded! You’re Blessing or Miracle is on the way!